SPECIAL EVENTS:  (updated 7/16/2019)

For Upcoming Post 501 Annual American Legion Convention support, following are manpower needs, by date, for the set up and take down logistical needs of the Convention:

First Critical Date: July 10, 2019 - a Wednesday. 0900 - 1100 hours ( 9 -11 AM for the civilians). We will need around 15 able bodied folks, both women and men, to load the “booty bags” for the attendees. About 900 bags need to be filled with around 10 items each. This is an assembly line production - can be fun, with free coffee and donuts and military music to keep all in time.

Second Most Critical Date: July 16th, a Tuesday, in the afternoon, 6 PM, 1800 hours, meet at the Legion Post 501 to assist in loading a large truck with the materials provided to the registrants at the annual Legion Convention: the welcome bags (around 900 or so), along with other items needed to support the Wisconsin Department’s Legion convention. A crew of 6 to 8 able bodied persons will make this work easy and fast. Contact the Convention President Phil for details.

Third Most Critical Date: July 17th, a Wednesday. Arrive at the Marriott Convention Center, in Middleton, WI, by 0900 hours (9 AM for the Marines & SeaBees). Travel to the hotel at your own method. We need around 6 - 8 able bodied individual worker bees to unload materials, some of weight, from trailers located outside, nearby doors, and carried into the Hotel Legion assigned rooms. You will work - no coffee and donuts, and no martial music to enhance frivolities. This is much needed work to get the convention off to a great start! The reputation of the Post 501 as a “Can Do Outfit” will be challenged on this day.

Fourth, and last Critical Action Date: July 21st, a Sunday. Arrive at the Marriott Convention Center again, around 1100 hours (11 AM). Travel to the hotel at your own method. We need to gather again at least 8 able bodied individual worker bees to out load from the hotel into the trailers, which will then return the Legion supplies and equipment back to their home station. Again, no personal benefits accrue other than knowing you have been a part of a great event in the recognition of 100 years of the Wisconsin American Legion serving veterans and their families.


May 24, 2019 is national Poppy Day. Click on the link below for the history of Poppy Day:

Also, see below for more guidance on the support which the members of Post 501 support this special day.


William S. Middleton Memorial
Veterans Hospital, Madison
2018 Wish List

The Middleton VA Hospital is requesting items for the Veterans.  These will be delivered by Unit 501 Auxiliary to the VA Hospital in early December for Christmas. (This action is over with, for 2018. Will again reappear for the 2019 Holiday affair.
Quilts – (bed size, 4 x 6, stitched or tied)
Fleece Blankets – store bought
Lap Robes – (4 x 6 & tightly knitted or crocheted)
Afghans – (bed size & tightly knitted or crocheted)
Postal stamps – cards of forever stamps
Plain note cards
Reading glasses (various strengths)
Nail Clippers/Emery boards
Small tubes of toothpaste
Kleenex (small packages)
Men’s socks
New Men’s tennis shoes (sizes: 10-13)
Men’s t-shirts (call for sizes)
New Men’s Sweatshirts & Sweatpants (M, Lg, XL, XXL)
Activity books – search a word, crossword
puzzles, sudoku (large print and new – not partially used)
Coloring books/color pencils – for adults
Model kits (car/airplane/boat/military) – must be plastic
Model paints (paint pods w/glue)
Donations for coupon books for Veterans and their families for coffee or lunch at the cafeteria

Bring donations to Unit 501 and we will deliver them to the VA Hospital.

 National Poppy Day was May 24, 2019.  It's a day of remembering those who have given their all in the defense of our American life.  While the events of World War I have been the initiation of this memory day, the heritage does transcend all conflicts since in which our women and men have been challenged to serve. It is time for all Legionnaires and their loved one to take a few moments in memory.  Don't forget to add a Poppy or two to your outfit.  100% of the monies donated  go to helping veterans in need.

Post 501 will need both Legionnaires and Auxiliary members to assist in the poppy distributions. This is a fund raiser to assist those veterans in the local VA hospital. Please get in touch with us, either by phone call to our Post telephone number, leave a message if no one answers the in house phone (we are not always in the office), or better yet, use the “CONTACT US” tab on the last page of this website, if you are willing to assist in this honored tradition. It’s a great way to pay it forward, and in the process, meat great folks who donate.

Last May 18, 2018, several Legionnaires of Post 501 distributed poppies to the good people at the Wm S Middleton Veteran's Hospital, located here in Madison, WI.  We had a table established just outside the auditorium, from 9 AM until about 4 PM on that Friday.  Several Legionnaires provided a willingness to donate their time, and some funds were raised. Our date to distribute poppies to the VA in 2019 in celebration of our veterans being cared for in this excellent VA facility is to be determined.  We can always use another person sitting alongside in this support mission.  Leave a message on the CONTACT US tab on the top of this page.


Click below to link to the poem written by Maj. John McCrae, a Canadian medical doctor, while serving on the Western Front, December 8, 1915.

"In Flanders Fields"