SONS OF AMERICAN LEGION (SAL) (updated 4/12/2019)

There is an excellent section in the March 7th, 2019 edition of the “Badger Legionnaire”, Vol 96, No.2 concerning “Why do you belong to the Legion Family?” This article has been entered by our SAL Detachment Adjutant, David Faust. To touch on the essentials he describes about why he joined, due to his father’s selfless service and sacrifice of his own person for the betterment of our Nation. For those who have veterans in their family, it is a way to give something back, to show appreciation for those who have stepped up. You can give back by supporting your Legion’s Post in it’s fund raising activities for children and youth. You will have an opportunity to connect directly with veterans, other than just in your own family, who have marched in boots, and you will get to march step by step with them today as they continue meeting the mission of the American Legion, with it’s four pillars of service as your rally points.

There will be a special meeting of the members of the SAL, at the end of the May 8, 2019 Legion members meeting. If you are a SAL member, please attend this meeting to select new leaders for the next twelve months.  We need to schedule a get together of one thing or another, if only to build comradeship.  Some activities to consider might be a day of fishing on the local Madison lakes, spend a morning or afternoon at the Wisconsin Military Museum, downtown Madison, or maybe an afternoon of trap shooting at a local gun range.  A family picnic might just be in order.  Show up and let us know what you would like to see the SAL do for veterans and families.

For further information of how this organization supports the Veteran, just place your cursor over the Sons of the American Legion symbol to the left.  You will be able to review how this proud organization provides services for their Veteran fathers and grandfathers.

Two SAL members cleaning up after Legion Post 501 breakfast.

Two SAL members cleaning up after Legion Post 501 breakfast.

Annual dues for the 2019 year are still only $14.  Post 501's current SAL commander is Keith Lovell, who would be most pleased to work with you in joining membership,  Just hit the "Contact Us" tab on the Post 501 Home Page, and leave a message of your concern.  We'll get right back to you.