Our American Legion Post 501 needs work on a substantial number of projects, some currently ongoing, to improve the quality of our Post.  One of our highest priorities is the renovation of the Post History Museum/Auxiliary meeting room.  After several years of planning, and in receipt of sufficient funding to cover the costs of materials, and gathering of team members who are able and intelligent enough to provide the labor hours, the room is finally a work in progress.  We're now about three/fourths of the way done, with outside door, ventilation, and drop ceiling with lighting still being the outstanding projects.  Hopefully - completion will hit the target of this coming March 2018.  While we missed the October 2017 target date - we now have sufficient funding:  what is needed now is person power - that is to say, folks willing to provide of their valuable personal time to roll up their sleeves and get to work in installation/painting etc.  Many of our Legionnaires, due to age or physical abilities, are unable to provide the hours at labor.  However, that does not prevent them from becoming highly values members.  Remember - we would like either a "Dollar" or an "Hour".  We figure that one hour of physical labor is worth $10 in cash donations. We are fortunate to have a Legionnaire, RJ, here in Post 501 who has donated the equivalent of 70 hours of labor.  Those funds which RJ so generously provided will allow us to complete almost all of  the financial aspects of the projects listed below.  
     We will update this section of this page in the near term, as further progress ensues.  The Legionnaires of Post 501 also want to pay a special thanks to our Auxiliary members who so generously provided, out of their own limited budget, a substantial amount of funding which has allowed this renovation to proceed.  What Post 501 needs now "are hands on deck" for manual labor. 
    Below is the work in progress which you can now see the results of their labor.  Other than the planned drop ceiling and recessed lighting, this new room is now serving its purpose of exhibiting the history of the Legion Post 501.  Our loyal Auxiliary members gladly now fill the table to continue their plans in support of our combined mission.

Post 501 Volunteer Projects

Following is a list of projects needed to improve the quality of the Post 501 facilities, used both by fellow legionnaires, and also open to the public.  What is needed are folks willing to put in an hour or two per project.  The funds are in house, ready to be dispersed for supplies and equipment.  The total hours needed to complete each project is estimated.  The total hours can in many cases be divided up by the number of volunteers.  Some of the work can be done on a weekend, and other projects can be partially completed during workdays.  The Post 501 House Committee is responsible for establishng the project dates and times (TBD) and these will be published on this website's calendar as decisions are made.

 If you can devote an hour or two of your time, please let us know – use the “Contact US” page of this website as a starting point.  If you would be willing to assist in any way, just let us know of a day and time that you would be available.  If you leave your phone number, we will get back to you as soon as possible for follow up and coordination.

Here are the projects, in no order of precedence:

PROJECT                                                             HOURS           $ COST

Building touch up painting - May/June                    8                 funded - need workers
History & Auxiliary Meeting Room Lighting            14                 funded - need workers
History & Auxiliary Meeting Room drop ceiling      16                 funded - need workers
Window Leak caulking  4 windows involved           6                 funded - need workers
Net Installation Railings – Prevent animals              4                 funded - need workers
    and trash from accumulating under the deck
Outside Dusk > Dawn Lighting required                  6                  funds are now in hand - need workers
       This is a critical safety/security issue
Porch light needs work – nonfunctional                   2                 funded, in conjunction with above
Roof Leak in Overhang/lanai                                     6                  funded - need workers
Kitchen wall/ceiling plaster repairs                          10                  funded - need workers
Secure pole supporting overhang                             2                  funded - need workers

As you can see, we now have the monies in hand.  We just need your physical help.