Post 501 Volunteer Work Projects on Clubhouse (updated as of 8/132019)

As a result of the Post 501's Monthly Membership meeting, 3/13/2019, the following projects are still on the books as needing completion: Not Weather Dependent > (NWD): Weather Dependent > (WD): PP > Person Power

> COMPLETED!! Refinish Post 501 Memorial Sign out front. find contractor, PP > 2-3 to remove for painting/install.

Below - proud Post 501 Commander Tom and 2nd Vice Jerry and Aide D’Camp Rich standing by after successful installation of the vibrantly new Post 501 welcome sign. Suspect that is 1st Vice Keith partially hidden to the left of Jerry (click on the photo center to expand the view). He also had a very important part in this project.

Sanding & prime painting sign post on 5-13.jpg

Legionnaires Bill & Chris Robbins sanding and applying primer to the sign posts on May 13, 2019.


> Construct door to outside for Auxiliary/History room: required by city code. The post has funding for this much needed project. PP > 2-3, 8 hrs, (NWD)

> Update Kitchen, Paint, Ceiling Fan Update, Floor Tile: the work here is critical to maintaining our kitchen in a viable condition. Jerry, 2nd Vice, will be announcing projected work days quite shortly, with the person power and estimated hours needed. Funding is available for part of the work, beginning with cleaning and painting the ceiling, then the walls. The kitchen badly needs new flooring, and without further funding, may not happen. It appears that the new flooring will cost in the neighbor hood of $3 > 4K. We really need for Legionnaires to step up with some dollar contributions, especially if hours of labor are not in one’s situation. PP > 2-3, 12+ hours, (NWD)

Install window air conditioner in the Auxilliary/History room. The heating for the cold months appears to be satisfactory, now the concern is for a bit of cooling in the summer months. The Auxiliary members meet every month from May through September, the warm days, in which it does get a bit stifling; the current air conditioning in the clubhouse does not extend into what once was an ice cream freezer room. We could use some $ funding here - say about $500 or so for the unit. Membership will install. PP > 2/3, 4 hours, (NWD)

> Install outside safety lighting, PP > 2-3, 1-2  hours still needed, (WD) Work in progress, almost finished.

Post 501 Volunteer Projects Recently Completed: (as of 3/13/2019)

Following is a list of projects which have been completed to improve the quality of the Post 501 facilities, used both by fellow legionnaires, and also open to the public.  We want to express our fullest appreciation to those folks who put in their time and sweat labor to get these projects completed, especially under the guidance of Legionnaire Rich Ruland, former 2nd Vice, and now Jerry Schultz, our current Post 2nd Vice.

> Pantry (required by city code) now opened up off kitchen. Thanks to the three person wrecking crew (Jerry, Rich and Commander) that got this one done. Only item left to complete is to install a new ventilated door, which is on order.

> Two new stainless steel central tables along with a back stainless table has been added to the kitchen, replacing the temporary folding tables. The work surface is enhanced, stronger, and easier to keep clean.

> Lights installed in the new drop ceiling in the Auxiliary/History room > COMPLETED !
(Same crew applied excellent knowledge & workmanship to improve the lighting in the
remodeled Auxiliary/History room).

> Electrical outlets in History/Auxiliary Room > ALMOST COMPLETED, ONE OR TWO MORE DROP LINES STILL NEEDED !

> A new display cabinet has been added to the west wall of the meeting room, offering items that Legion members can purchase in order to enhance their visible membership participation.<work in progress filling the shelves with Legion mementos.>

> Fence to enhance appearance of north side outside of Post > COMPLETED !

> New steel security door installed on street (west) side of Legion Hall > COMPLETED !

> New door handle on bathroom now installed, so one should no longer get locked in > COMPLETED !

> Install Air Conditioner in renter's workspace > COMPLETED !

> Rebuilt the outside door for the renter's operation > COMPLETED !

Outside painting of building as of 8/08/18, 100% of the painting has been completed.  Stop by and check out the great job the Legionnaires have enacted.  Building looks great !!

Painted - July 2018 - 5.jpg


Here are some other projects, not covered earlier:


New Installation Railings/Screens  – Prevent          4                 funded,  PP  2 - 3
    animals/trash/trolls from accumulating under the deck
Outside Dusk > Dawn Lighting required                  2                 funded, PP 2 - 3            
Porch light needs work – nonfunctional                  2                 funded, PP 2 -3
Roof Leak in overhang/lanai                                    6                 funded, PP 2 - 3
Kitchen wall/ceiling plaster repairs                         10                 funded, PP 3 - 4
Secure pole supporting overhang/lanai                   2                 funded, PP 2

As you can see, we now have some of the monies needed in hand.  We just need your physical help. Let us know if you have the time or inclination to assist in any of these projects: phone post HQ or use the “CONTACT US” page below.


Last ceiling tile installed in Legion Post 501’s Auxiliary/History Room on 11-26-2018. Legionnaires Keith & Jerry assisted our Naval CB’s, Dan & Gene, the prime installers of this new ceiling, along with Rich and Ken. This work has added a final finishing quality touch in the work to make this room an excellent place to learn the history of our Post and the service that our Auxiliary members provide.

Keith &amp; Jerry installing the last new ceiling tile in Post 501’s Auxiliary &amp; History Room. Well done fellas.

Keith & Jerry installing the last new ceiling tile in Post 501’s Auxiliary & History Room. Well done fellas.


    Below is a historical photo summary the work in progress on the Post 501 History Auxiliary Room, which you can now see the results of their labor.  Other than the planned drop ceiling with recessed lighting, and a few more electrical outlets, this new room is now serving its purpose of exhibiting the history of the Legion Post 501.  Our loyal Auxiliary members gladly now fill the conference table to continue their plans in support of our combined mission.

Fellow Legionnaires, our American Legion Post 501 still needs work on a substantial number of projects, some currently ongoing, to improve the quality of our Post.  As you can see by some of the projects already completed, a ton of work has been accomplished, a lot of funding has come in, needed to bring this Post 501 clubhouse up to very useful standards. What is needed now is person power (PP) for some of the remaining projects - that is to say, folks willing to provide of their valuable personal time to roll up their sleeves and get to work in installation.  Many of our Legionnaires, due to age or physical abilities, are unable to provide the hours at labor.  However, that does not prevent them from becoming highly valued members.  Remember - we suggest options - either a "Dollar" or an "Hour".  We figure that one hour of physical labor is worth $10 in cash donations. We are fortunate to have a Legionnaire, Rick Bressett, here in Post 501, who has donated the equivalent of 70 hours of labor.  In addition, Rick invested, in 2018, an additional 50 hours of labor equivalent to $. Those funds which Rick  so generously provided has and will still allow us to complete some of  the financial aspects of the projects listed above. We thank him!

     We will continue to update this section of our website in the near term, as further progress ensues.  The Legionnaires of Post 501 also want to pay a special thanks to our Auxiliary members who so generously provided, out of their own limited budget, a substantial amount of funding which has allowed this renovation to proceed.  What Post 501 still needs now "are hands on deck" for manual labor. 

To wrap things up, we just want to say again that some of the work can be done on a weekend, and other projects can be partially completed during workdays.  The Post 501 House Committee is responsible for establishing the project dates and times (TBD) and these will be published on this website's calendar as decisions are made.

  If you can devote an hour or two of your time, please let us know – use the “Contact US” page of this website as a starting point.  If you would be willing to assist in any way, just let us know of a day and time that you would be available.  If you leave your phone number, we will get back to you as soon as possible for follow up and coordination.