The Legionnaires who occupy leadership positions at Post 501 are the heartbeat of keeping the goals of our American Leadership moving forward.  Their responsibility for their offices is critically important to insuring that the needs of the veterans, their families and for all youth are kept foremost in mind.  They also are responsible for the daily operation of Post 501.  Leadership requires a bit of dedication, and effort beyond the normal call of everyday membership.  Positions are either elective, or nominative, installed on an annual basis.  Young Legionnaires are encouraged to apply, and work their way into higher positions, as their time allows.

     Nominations of officers for the upcoming year, need to be submitted at the April post meeting.  Elections will be held the following post meeting in May.  To have your needed input on leadership for Post 501, please attend these next 2 very critical meetings.  This will ensure that Post 501 is best working for veterans, to include yourself.

     Current 2017-2018 Leadership Positions and Occupants are as follows:

Commander                             Thomas Stolarczyk
1st Vice Commander                Keith Lovell
2nd Vice Commander              Rich Ruland
3rd Vice Commander               Ray McCool
Finance Officer                         Phillip Ingwell
Chaplain                                    Ray McCool
Asst. Chaplain                           Richard Bressett
Historian                                    Thomas Stolarczyk
Judge Advocate                        Bud Mautz
Service Officer                           Bill Robbins
Sgt. At Arms                               Jim Schuhart
Asst. Sgt. At Arms                     Jerry Schultz
Adjutant (appointed)                 Gene Sheets
Executive Committee:               Don Brinkmeier   1 yr.
                                                    Chris Robbins   2 yrs.
                                                    Bill Robbins  3 yrs.

At Post 501's member meeting on June 14, 2017, Cdr. Stolarczyk called the incoming officers to the front of the Hall.  Cdr. Stolarczyk introduced the installing Officer, Cdr. Gary Dobson of Post 279.  Cdr. Dobson then began the installation by reading the requirements of the various positions.  He then led in the Oath of Office for the officers of the coming year.  This was followed by the informing of each officers of the duties of their position.  The Installing Officer then introduced the newly installed officers to the Post.

     Elections are held in May of each year.  Post 501 membership needs for each of you to step up, at least for one year.
     Legionnaires who work on our Post 501 Website:
                                                ERIC ROBBINS, SAL - webmaster
                                                CHRIS ROBBINS - administrator
                                                WILLIAM ROBBINS - administrator