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Post 501 Members/Business Meeting

  • American Legion Post 501 105 Dempsey Road Madison, WI, 53714 (map)

    Always conducted on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, at Post 501 Clubhouse, 105 Dempsey Road, here in Madison. Meeting begins at 7:00 pm, u-u-u-usually finishing within an hour. An informal hour follows for those who wish to socialize with fellow veterans.        
     Be sure to attend this October meeting.  We are scheduled to have several youths who have attended the last Badger Boys State program, this past June, 2016.  It will be very special to hear from those young men who have expanded their view of our democratic process of setting up and managing a city, a county and a State, to include many of the critical offices which makes our method of government work well.  This meeting is not to be missed.  The regular scheduled Legion business meeting will follow these briefings, so plan on staying a bit later than normal.
     Business of the American Legion Severson-Cairns Post #501 is conducted at this meeting. Plans are made for future services for veterans and families; fundraising is a continuous critical need.
     Plan on attending. Our meetings are open to any Legionnaire past or present, who have an interest in just what goes on in "post active" and "reserve service". Come and see veterans who, like yourself have marched, floated or flown on active duty for at least one day or more, during times of conflict. Served in or near combat zones, in support activities or have a book of questions that need to be answered. We want to hear about you, the part you played....... all the details from those who were really there.  Hidden and amazing.  Come, raise a toast to our country and the part you and others played to keep it free and safe! As you know FREEDOM is not free. It costs dearly!   What goes on here at the Legion is all about you and stays at the legion!  It really helps  all.
     Next meeting scheduled:  Wednesday, November 9, 7:00 pm.