LEGION RESOURCES (updated 3/13/2019)

Wisconsin American Legion State Website
National American Legion Website

Veterans Administration Website
Dane County Veterans Service Officer Website
Veterans Crisis Line Website

   We have included the two links above in our website for those who are interested in Legion affairs located at both the State of Wisconsin and the National Headquarters.  Just click on either of the links above for additional details of Legion actions at the higher headquarters.

Also, we have just added additional information concerning immediate veterans needs. By clicking on any of the three links above, one can readily obtain further information/guidance on issues important to each veteran.

In addition, should you desire more information concerning each of the Military branches of service and also the VA, just click on the symbol of the service branch on our Home page.  Additional information concerning the American Legion Auxiliary and/or the Sons of the American Legion can be found if you just click on the symbol at the top of those particular pages found above.