POST 501 COMMANDER'S CALL:  (updated 12/05/2018)

(Information provided below is guidance by our Post 501 Commander Tom and/or our WI State Department Commander, Frank Kostka & our National Commander, Brett Reistad.)

There are also a lot of updates and guidance in the Severson-Cairns Post No 501 December 2018 Newsletter.  A copy can be found in the "Newsletter" page above, just click on that tab.  Lot of action is scheduled which needs Legionnaires to participate in, along with the selected dates of these activities, some of which just might fit your schedule.  Please attend/help out where you can. Hit the "Contact Us" tab above if you have questions, concerns, or are a bit new, and want to attend some of these functions.

Our Post 501 Commander Tom wants to  refer you to several links below which will take you to the most recent Wisconsin Department Post Mailings for November 2018 (NEW!).  He would like to bring to your attention the following six topics:

COVER LETTER (Updated Information on Selected Topics) - Summarizes much of the information on the listing which follows, such as Membership information concerning awards for bringing in new members, and a summary of the activities at the upcoming Midwinter Conference at the Ho-Chunk casino south of Wisconsin Dells. 8 other topics covered, some of which are expanded on here below.

DEPARTMENT MEMBERSHIP INCENTIVES - Topics covered which apply to you as a valued Legionaire are: Post Membership Increase, Win a Paid Up for Life Membership, and Get One Pin challenge.

NATIONAL COMMANDER’S PIN INCENTIVE PROGRAM - The National American Legion Commander Reistad has offered a Pin Incentive for any American Legion Family member (Legionaire, Auxiliary, SAL, and Rider) who brings in three (3) new members. This could include a previous member, who did not renew in 2018, but would now renew in 2019. Neat pin which can be proudly worn on the American Legion cover.

MIDWINTER CONFERENCE - JANUARY 17 - 20, 2019 - If you have never attended an American Legion Midwinter conference, at the State Level, this is one you should plan on attending - don’t let this opportunity to pass you by. Former Marine and National Country Recording Artist Josh Gracin will be in attendance. Details can be found on Registration; if you have not yet done so; there will be a Sweepstakes with a Grand Prize of $20,000 or a credit for a Ford vehicle, and a schedule of events for the three days. Take a few moments and check this out.

You have an opportunity to meet the Legionaires who work at the highest levels in Wisconsin’s departments, and to be able to network with successful warriors just like yourself from other posts around this Great State. There are numerous training opportunities to learn how to support our veterans at a more refined level, which helps you pay back what has been given for you through your individual service to our country. The details can be found at the Wisconsin Department level website. Just click on the Wisconsin Department symbol which can be found within the Legion Resources link at the top of this page.

BADGER BOYS STATE INFORMATION - This is one of our Post’s largest fund raisers - we send 5 - 7 Junior High School boys up to Ripon College for a week of civic education, at the cost of $300 per young scholar. Lots of detail can be found here, to include the 4 scholarships which are generated by this educational experience - the Governor’s, Clyde Knox, Samsung, and the Keith A Kreul Scholarship. If you know of a Junior High School student who is excelling in his studies and personality, let him know of these opportunities.

WISCONSIN AMERICAN LEGION LAW ENFORCEMENT CAREER ACADEMY (WALECA) - Here can be found details of a ground floor entrance to a career in Law Enforcement. This program is open to 50 Junior or Senior High School students, and the application process will open January 8, 2019 for the 2019 training year. Deadline for applications is February 26, 2019. This is a great opportunity for a selected youth who just might wish to make a career as one of our Hero First Responders.

FOR MORE DETAILS ON THE ABOVE 6 HIGH VISIBILITY ACTIVITIES, JUST GO TO THE AMERICAN LEGION DEPARTMENT OF WISCONSIN'S website - listed below, and click on the "Members" link and then on the "Post Mailings" link and then hit the "NOVEMBER 2018" tab: