POST 501 COMMANDER'S CALL:  (updated 5/1/18)

(Information provided below is guidance by our Post 501 Commander Tom and/or our WI State Department Commander, Laurel Clewell & our National Commander, Denise Rohan,  who is one of our very own Wisconsin home grown leaders.)

There is a lot of updates and guidance in the Severson-Cairns Post No 501 May Newsletter.  A copy can be found in the "Newsletter" page above, just click on this tab.  Lot of activity is scheduled which needs Legionnaires to participate in, along with 10 dates of activities, some of which just might fit your schedule.  Please attend where you can. Hit the "Contact Us" tab above if you have questions, concerns, or are a bit new, and want to attend some of these functions.

Our Post 501 Commander Tom wants to  refer you to several links below which will take you to the most recent Wisconsin Department Post Mailings for February 2018.  He would like to bring to your attention the following five topics, and an additional action found in the Programs link:

Wisconsin American Legion Law Enforcement Career Academy > WALLECA -- is a program for high school students who have completed their junior year and are in good academic standing.  This program provides a first-hand experience and insight into the operations of law enforcement agencies.  If you have a child or grandchild who likes to watch police shows, or action programs, this just might be the ticket to their future.  Application forms, for your review, are found located in this link.

Membership Incentives -- “Get One” bounty is back and an energetic legionnaire could possibly win up to $1,000.  Also, pins and gift cards are provided for those who go the extra effort to recruit a new member or two.  Details can be found, again, in the Wisconsin Department {February 2018} quarterly mailings, see the source links below.  If you have become tired of listening to the same old folks in your post, it is incumbent upon your self to seek out some new faces, to learn about their service time an family.  This is one of the best social activities the membership in the Legion provides.

Department Standing Committees -- If you have the time and or desire to provide guidance on the implementation of American Legion actions at the Department (read State) level, now is the time to step up and select and apply for a committee which meets on a quarterly basis- at the Annual or Mid  Winter conventions, and also in the Spring and Fall in Portage, Wi.   Details on this opportunity to make yourself heard can be found here, along with the application form.  If nothing else, check out the different positions available, and one just might fit your skill, background or interest.  You should have good interpersonal/social skills, and like the give and take of political actions.  It helps to be able to think quickly on your feet, and to be willing to challenge the status quo.

Camp American Legion -- One of the most special programs funded by the American Legion.  We all are a part of this noble camp nestled in the middle of the Wisconsin woodlands,  surrounded by peaceful waters.  If you have not visited Camp American Legion, put it high on your bucket list for a tour.  In addition, if you like to work with your hands in fellow ship with other veterans, make an attempt to go up on a weekend to the camp in either late April to open the Dane county sponsored cabin, or in early October to close it for the winter.  Food and lodging will be provided free of charge.  You donate 10 - 14 hours, over a two day cycle, of you labor to put things in order.  Saturday evening is for socializing, with fellow veterans from all over Dane county, at a local watering hole.  Camp American Legion is a very special place.  Check it out.

AMERICANISM & GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM -- This is an online test & learning tool and best of all a Scholarship opportunity.  It covers all levels of government, from the Federal down to the County, and also knowledge of the Constitution and flag etiquette.  The test is offered April 1 > 13, 2018, is only open to High School students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade.  Scholarship values run from $250 up to $750.  For a clever student this just might be a piece of cake for some dollars.  Check it out!


Blood Donor Program - based  upon recent catastrophic events occurring over the United States and it's territories, there is still a need for expanded blood collection, far above normal needs.  If you are a viable blood donor, and wish to share, click on the PROGRAMS link on the top of the Wisconsin Department website, scroll down to the Blood Donor Program. Details follow.  Note - if you missed the 2018 Midwinter Convention at the HoChunk near Wisconsin Dells this past January, all is not lost.  There will be another blood drive at the 2018 Annual Convention.  See you there!