POST 501 COMMANDER'S CALL:  (updated 10/6/2018)

(Information provided below is guidance by our Post 501 Commander Tom and/or our WI State Department Commander, Frank Kostka & our National Commander, Brett Reistad. 

There are a lot of updates and guidance in the Severson-Cairns Post No 501 October 2018 Newsletter.  A copy can be found in the "Newsletter" page above, just click on that tab.  Lot of activity is scheduled which needs Legionnaires to participate in, along with selected dates of activities, some of which just might fit your schedule.  Please attend where you can. Hit the "Contact Us" tab above if you have questions, concerns, or are a bit new, and want to attend some of these functions.

Our Post 501 Commander Tom wants to  refer you to several links below which will take you to the most recent Wisconsin Department Post Mailings for September 2018 (NEW!).  He would like to bring to your attention the following six topics:

WISCONSIN AMERICAN LEGION COLLEGE - The Department of Wisconsin is looking for posts to host classes defining in further details the Mission, Operation and Goals of the American Legion. These classes are especially pertinent to those who seek a leadership position in their local Legion Post, or serving on staffs at the County, District and especially at the Department level. Let our Post 501 leadership know if you are interested in stepping up your level of commitment to the Legion.

BLOOD DRIVE -- There will be a Blood Drive at the 2019 Midwinter Conference, Saturday, January 19, 2019. ( ????  Lucky You ! ), 9 AM > 2 PM.  Be there and be square.  Sacrifice some of your own so that others can live.  Wonder if Vampires will be in lurking in the dark hallways ?  If you donate, there will be free snacks in payment, and the knowledge that your donation may just save the life of another. What greater gift can one give?

MIDWINTER CONFERENCE - JANUARY 17 -20, 2019 - If you have never attended an American Legion conference, at the State Level, this is one you should plan on attending - don’t let this opportunity to pass you by. You have a challenge to meet the warriors at the highest levels in Wisconsin, and to be able to network with successful soldiers just like yourself from other posts around this Great State. There are numerous training opportunities to learn how to support our veterans at a more refined level, which helps you pay back what has been given for you through your individual service to our country. The details can be found at the Wisconsin Department level website. Just click on the Wisconsin Department symbol which can be found within the Legion Resources link at the top of this page.

PROCESS MEMBERSHIP ONLINE - Save a tree, or at least a part of one. Renew your Legion membership on line. All you need is access to the Legion National website, and a credit card. You will need to establish a account. For details, go to the Wisconsin American Legion Department website, and click on the the RENEW tab at the top of their Home Page. Guidance is simple enough such that even the Marine veterans can work the program.

NATIONAL COMMANDER’S PIN INCENTIVE PROGRAM - Here’s a chance to gain recognition for your hard work in adding to the Legion membership, an obligation we Legionnaires all share. Brett Reistad, our National Commander, wants to recognize those who go beyond and above to strengthen the American Legion. Remember - our Legion focus is to influence Congress and our President to legislate in favor of those who now volunteer their time and lives in support of our country, the best in the world. Congress recognizes only two items in their pursuit of their position - numbers in support, and $. The American Legion provides only the #.

In order to recognize those who do grow the numbers, a “Membership Excellence Team 100” pin will be rewarded to any Legionnaire, Auxiliary or SAL member who brings in three (3) new members, who were not dues paying in 2018. This is for the 2019 membership year. This also includes membership in the American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of American Legion (SAL) ! Come on - this can be an easily done deal - find a new member, with a spouse and a son or grandson, and you have completed your mission ! It’s a chance to get some bragging rights, along with a medal to confirm that you have done something good.

This opportunity ends June 30, 2019, so get cracking. Talk to people - your mail carrier, your bank clerk, any one who just might be interested, but have never been asked, in the American Legion program. It just might be time for them to pay back what military service has given to them.

2019 AMERICANISM PROGRAMS & SCHOLARSHIPS - WOW !! Most of us Legionnaires have no idea of the scope of programs and funding for America’s youth. This one page summary is a great one to print off, and carry with you: a creative tool to use when you ask a potential member veteran to join us. They’ll ask “what’s in it for them”. Find out if they have children/grandchildren, and then show them this page, along with a Legion membership application. You’ll be surprised how effective this one page summary can be.

Check it out on the Wisconsin Department web page.

FOR MORE DETAILS ON THE ABOVE 6 HIGH VISIBILITY ACTIVITIES, JUST GO TO THE AMERICAN LEGION DEPARTMENT OF WISCONSIN'S website - listed below, and click on the "Members" link and then on the "Post Mailings" link and then hit the "September" tab: