POST 501 COMMANDER'S CALL:  (updated 8/20/2018)

(Information provided below is guidance by our Post 501 Commander Tom and/or our WI State Department Commander, Laurel Clewell & our National Commander, Denise Rohan,  who is one of our very own Wisconsin home grown leaders.)

There are a lot of updates and guidance in the Severson-Cairns Post No 501 July-August 2018 Newsletter.  A copy can be found in the "Newsletter" page above, just click on that tab.  Lot of activity is scheduled which needs Legionnaires to participate in, along with selected dates of activities, some of which just might fit your schedule.  Please attend where you can. Hit the "Contact Us" tab above if you have questions, concerns, or are a bit new, and want to attend some of these functions.

Our Post 501 Commander Tom wants to  refer you to several links below which will take you to the most recent Wisconsin Department Post Mailings for April 2018 (NEW!).  He would like to bring to your attention the following six topics:

CONVENTION SWEEPSTAKES  --   A Grand Prize, along with many others, is offered - Choice $20,000 or new vehicle from Boucher Automotive.  One $10,000 Second Prize, One $5,000 Third Prize, One $2,500 Fourth Prize or Hunting Rifle (Caliber and action type to be determined - suspect it won't be  a .50 Caliber for those big ones!), One Fifth Prize of either $1,000 or a Big Screen TV.  Drawing will be random at the 2018 Convention in Oshkosh.  Sweepstakes tickets will be first available after April 4, 2018.  Set you clocks so that you can get in early and often.  NOTE - The State Convention had now been relegated to history, so check out the Wisconsin Legion Department website for the big winners.

BLOOD DRIVE -- There will be a Blood Drive at the 2018 Oshkosh Convention, Friday, July 13, ( ????  Lucky You ! ), 9 AM > 2 PM.  Be there and be square.  Sacrifice some of your own so that others can live.  Wonder if Vampires will be in lurking in the dark hallways ?  Blood drive now relegated to history.

POST EXCELLENCE AWARD -- Every Post in Wisconsin should be competitive for this award.  It is in the realm of each to achieve this Badge of Honor.  4 Criteria - Membership, Community Service, Youth Activities and Service to Troops/Veterans.  Isn't this why the American Legion exists, and isn't this why you joined the American Legion?  Payback time is now for what the Services  have done for you. In which area would you be willing to assist our Post 501 to achieve Excellence?  Contact our Post 501 Commander for guidance.  Our Post 501 WON ! Congrats to our Post leadership, esp Commander Tom for a fine job well executed.

2018 NATIONAL CONVENTION -- If it is not on  your radar screen/calendar, you just might want to check out the opportunity to go to a American Legion National Convention, August 16 -19.  This year, 2018, it is featured in Minneapolis, MN (just west of Wisconsin for the geographically challenged).  Quite close, less than 4 hours by auto if one drives the speed limit.  Each Legionnaire should, at least once in their lifetime, attend one of these shindigs.  This one is special for Wisconsin Legionnaires due to the fact that it will be the transfer of our own homegrown from Wisconsin National Commander Denise Rohan's leadership over to a new leader.  Time to go to show her our support; to recognize the tremendous amount of time she has spent in traveling the world over for the benefit of the Veteran.  For room reservations, contact Angie @ (608) 745-1090.

AMERICAN LEGION BASEBALL INFORMATION -- Several pages of information on the history of the American Legion baseball program, which began in 1925. The program was established to interest the American youths in service to their country, while enjoying America's favorite pastime.  An interesting read.  You all should know by now that our Post 501 sponsors a baseball team.  Check out our Post  501 calendar for a few scheduled team play dates.

ANNUAL LEGION GOLF OUTING -- For those who like to chase a small white ball through the countryside, here's one for you.  On Saturday, September 15, 2018, the Department of Wisconsin Legion will sponsor a golf outing at the Twin Lakes Country Club.  Cost of $75 will  cover your fees, cart, lunch at the turn and a banquet following.  This is a great time to share with fellow vets, drink some liquid libations and tell lots of lies about your success in the armed services.  Contact our Post Commander for sponsoring a team of at least 4 - if you don't have clubs, there exists two sets in our Post 501 back room that you just might be able to pick up for about $10 bucks or so.  As of 8/20/2018, not too late to get in.

FOR MORE DETAILS ON THE ABOVE 6 HIGH VISIBILITY ACTIVITIES, JUST GO TO THE AMERICAN LEGION DEPARTMENT OF WISCONSIN'S website - listed below, and click on the "Members" link and then on the "Post Mailings" link and then hit the "April" tab: