POST 501 COMMANDER'S CALL:  (updated 5/20/2019)

(Information provided below is guidance by our Post 501 Commander Tom and/or our WI State Department Commander, David Wischer and/or our National Commander, Brett Reistad.)

There are also a lot of updates and guidance in the Severson-Cairns Post No 501 April and May 2019 Newsletters.  A copy can be found in the "Newsletter" page in our website, above, just click on that tab.  Lot of action is scheduled which needs Legionnaires to participate in, along with the selected dates of these activities, some of which just might fit your schedule.  Please attend/help out where you can. Hit the "Contact Us" tab above if you have questions, concerns, or are a bit new, and want to attend some of these very enjoyable functions. They all involve supporting veterans and families, which is what we are charged to do.

Our Post 501 Commander Tom wants to refer you to several links below which will take you to the most recent Wisconsin Department Post Mailings for APRIL 2019 (NEW!).  He would like to bring to your attention the following six topics:

BLOOD DRIVE - help reach the Department’s annual blood drive goal by donating at your convention. Note - one can only donate every 56 days, so please try not to donate after May 24, 2019, in order to support the Convention’s goal, scheduled in July, 2019. There exist some seriously ill veterans who need blood at a moments notice, so don’t hesitate. Doesn’t hurt too bad to donate, and free snacks are available if you do.

2019 WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT CONVENTION SWEEPSTAKES - Check out the sweepstakes prizes and rules, found on the bottom portion of the 2019 Department Convention highlights page.

2019 NATIONAL CONVENTION - Don’t overlook the opportunity to attend the 2019 National Convention, held this year at the Legion’s National HQ - Indianapolis, IN. Registration begins now, the convention meets August 22-29, 2019. A District Commander/Adjutant’s Pre Convention Packet section included here has lots of good details of the who, what, when, where and how to go. Any Legionnaire, up to date on membership, is invited to attend. The drive is only about 6 hours from Madison, so check it out.

AMERICAN LEGION GOLF SCRAMBLE - If you own a set of clubs, or know how to rent a set, and have little else to do on September 14th, 2019, why not take your clubs and a Legionnaire buddy, and also up to two non-legion members (read - spouses or girl friends, or sons or daughters or whomever you would like to have tag along) and head up to the Marshfield Country Club. Tee time begins at 1000 hours (10 AM for you warriors way out of boots). Cost is $80 per golfer, which covers fees, cart, food and the following banquet to honor the winners and poke fun at those with high score cards. This is sponsored by Legion Post 54. Also they want to see Auxiliary, SAL and Riders in attendance. Application is included in this page. Check it out.

64TH ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE AT KING DAY - All members of the Legion family, including not only the Legionnaires, but including also the Auxiliary, SAL and Legion Riders, all are invited to make the 64th Annual Pilgrimage up to King. Food will be sponsored by ALA Unit 161, out of Waupaca, with lunch being served starting at 1030 hours. Music will be provided by the KNX band. Food prices for non members of King will run about $8 for adults, $4 for children 12 and under. A formal parade will begin at 1300 hours (1 PM), followed by a formal program at 1330 hours (I:30 PM). There will be a refreshment stand, and free parking is close by. This is a nice way to show support for the residents of the King home. Pay it forward and attend.

CELEBRATION OF FREEDOM PAMPHLET - Put September 4 - 8, 2019 on your calendar. Meet at the Columbia County Fair Grounds, in Portage, WI, near the State Department Legion HQ, and enjoy music by the Chris Kroeze band, review the American Vietnam Traveling Tribute Wall (a must see if you haven’t yet touched it, and are unable to make the trip to Washington, DC), and be sure to check out the sponsorship opportunities. There will be a Vendor Fair, Mobile Vet Center, Combat-to-Construction Displays, and numerous Special Programming. For you sports competitors, there will be a Kick Ball and a Cornhole (? - egads what on earth is this ? ) tournament. This site also includes Hotel and Campground Information for those who wish to make more than a day of it. Check it out.

FOR MORE DETAILS ON THE ABOVE 6 HIGH VISIBILITY ACTIVITIES, JUST GO TO THE AMERICAN LEGION DEPARTMENT OF WISCONSIN's website listed below, and click on the "Members" link and then on the "Post Mailings" link and then hit the "April 2019" tab: