YOUTH PROGRAMS and SCHOLARSHIPS (updated 7/02/2019)

The American Legion sponsors numerous opportunities for young people to earn valuable funds to assist in meeting the escalating costs of higher education.  What follows here are summaries of some of the programs that Post 501 is directly involved in, through the fund raising efforts of the Post Legionnaires and Auxiliary members.

For a quick, one page summary of all of the scholarship and funding programs for America’s youth, be sure to check out the September mailings to the various Legion Posts, this comes out of the Wisconsin Department. Just go to Wisconsin Department website, and click on the MEMBERS link, and when in go to POST MAILINGS, and then hit the September 2018 link. Good listing at a glance which can be used to strengthen your sale of the Legion Membership to others.


Cdr Tom Stolarczyk, Monona Grove Senior, Carter and his mother, Theresa, and 3rd District Cdr. Keith Lovell. present the Dane County Oratorical winning Scholarship, 1/5/2019.

Cdr Tom Stolarczyk, Monona Grove Senior, Carter and his mother, Theresa, and 3rd District Cdr. Keith Lovell. present the Dane County Oratorical winning Scholarship, 1/5/2019.

Oratorical Scholarship Contest:  this program presents participants with an academic speaking challenge that teaches important leadership qualities, the history of our nation's laws, the ability to think and speak clearly, and an understanding of the duties, responsibilities, rights and privileges of American citizenship.  The individual must produce two speeches, one well thought out, and the other rather extemporaneously, beginning at the Post level, and if successful, moves on to the County, Regional and State level.  Scholarships begin at $600 at the Regional level, and up to $2,000 at the Department (State) level, and if declared winner at the State, can go on to the National Oratorical Contest in Indianapolis.  Scholarships begin at $1,500, and if winning at the National, $18,000 is the current payout, along with the $3,000 also provided by attending and passing the first runoff.

American Legion Post 501 Class AAA Baseball Team:  The team we sponsor has performed at the top of it's game, winning at several levels.  We provide funding annually to assist the team in meeting some of it's travel needs.  Scholarships are available to the players which run from $500 on up to $5,000.  The Baseball Scholarship Application deadline is July 15th of each year.  Go to the American Legion, Department of Wisconsin for details on scholarships. 

Badger Boys State:  our Post 501 sponsors 6 to 8 high school boys for attendance at the annual Boys State week long educational opportunity at Ripon College, normally held in June of each year.  The youths are nominated by their respective High School: Scholarships run from $500 to as much as $20,000, depending on the level that the student rises to.  For everyone who attends, a memorable week is spent in learning about the fundamentals of how city, county and state administrations work, along with the principals of our great American heritage - justice, freedom and democracy.  Parents are quick to remark on the positive changes in their son's outlook on his future, based upon his experience in Ripon.


Americanism & Government Scholarship Contest:  Students from Wisconsin in grades 10 through 12 take an on-line test during a 2 week window in April.  This is a timed test and is available to all students who have access to the internet.  A 300 word essay question must be answered, based upon their knowledge of US, Wisconsin, and County Government, along with questions concerning the US Constitution and flag etiquette.  Scholarship funds run between $250 to $500.


This is just a sampling of scholarships available.  Others include the Schneider-Emanuel, Scouting, County Youth Government Day and Jr Shooting Sports programs.  Again, we refer you to the Wisconsin Department web site for further details.  When in the Department of Wisconsin State website, just click on the Scholarship tab.

Should any youth or parent have an interest in pursuing any of these opportunities to win funding, don't hesitate to contact a Legionnaire or Auxiliary member.  Use the "Contact Us" tab on the top of our home page.  We'll be pleased to get right back to you with more details